Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slowing Up

despite my low/poor contributiong to this blog, i've actually attempted numerous posts, they just don't get published. either because i lack the drive to complete the posts(i really hope this is not a reflectiong of my personality) or that i do not feel the posts should be directly linked to me for reasongs which i posses but yet to justify, after all we are all people living on the same planet with relatively similar expectations of society(unless you are a nobel of some sort.. in that case i'm honoured you've somehow managed to stumble upon my blog). i feel compelled to blog after every blog i read, i'm surrrounded by such literate people and am affected by their words.

Term 3, 'the final quater' before exams. We're expected to focus and if haven't been already, whole heartedly apply ourselves to our studies. This topic evoked a series of humerous but alarming discussiongs which i've had the privilege of participating in. I really must thank my Phys Ed. class for allowing insight into a non-asian influenced environ
ment. it's kind of sad really, most if not all of my close acquaintances are of asian descent, thus i'm deprived of the 'true Aussie’ culture. In class we were discussing the relationg between year 12 and a seasong of AFL, and as my teacher began wording his skewed perceptiong of how students should heed such wise advice one of the students asked “Do you think some of us should start tanking?” ...this allowed everyone, even the teacher a good laugh, and I was sitting there smiling and chuckling as though I understood the joke when in reality it made as much sense to me as . Apparently a team starts tanking if they know that making the finals is impossible so as a result they play matches ‘half-assed’ and lose intentionally. - “funny ones! I’d pay that”

Recently i haven't been listing to any up beat songs. Slow RnB and acoustic 'alternative' songs dominate my playlists, and i attempt to comprehend the lyrics. This i believe to be reflecting my current attitude toward life, i wish i could slow down each day or just relive every yesterday i spend on earth. I currently have 'Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love' by Coldplay playing which is probably the fastest song i've payed attentiong to in the past month or so. It's putting me in the mood that makes me questiong why do people smile for photos? Is it because the time is meant to be pleseant? But what if the event was actually not as joyus as portrayed, memories of the event will be brought back by the photograph and will be predominantly unpleasing. What would happen if our facial expressiongs captured truely reflected our expriences? Photographs are taken for later use to prompt memories, if possible i would like to take a photo everytime i honestly laugh, and i think when i mature, hit a midlife crisis or eventually age and being to suffer from amnesia, i would like to reflect, use the photos as a filter which only remind me of the good times.

- an innocent smile will go the furthest.

Goal: if at all smile honestly, with the execptiong of making others smile :)

- e d i

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