Thursday, July 9, 2009

way past due (2)

as boredom takes over at 4.04am i begin thinking to myself...what is ther to do? ...BESIDES sleep. Contemplating such thoughts somehow, directly or indirectly lead me to have an epiphany, i being thinking deep thoughts, or well...i consider them to be deep.
Why do we sleep? What is the purpose of 'rejuvenating'? Why are me made to require such an inactive state? Why cant the sun be our only energy source? What is the purpose of LIFE, wen wer born and die...the time in between birth and death is supposedly a journey but what is the point. Ultimately it is all in vein, it is evident that the destructive impacts on the earth out weigh the constructive, and if the destructive impacts did not exist then the constructive would not either. Why is nature so ...left-justified? ...why is it easier to destry then to create?
Without coexistance ther cannot be existance in as they thrive oon each other, however a single existance must have occurd prior to coexistance. Take MJ for example... he is AWESOME, but lyk most if not all performers say "We're nothing without you guysh..the fans" ...must be the MOST UNDERRATED STATEMENT ever! how cane someone be famous if no one knew about them. im bored again..this was fun...ive now..made myself mildly depressed....heres some pictures as i promised in the alst blog. :)
This pic is from a couple years back..i came home one day and i found this in the garage. A spider jus chillin' ...wayy tooo cool to kill. i took it to the back yard and placed it on the neighbours side of the fence :) ....hopefullu cause i didnt harm wont harm me.
Good ol' maplestory. I played for ages -.- till i got hacked lyk a noob. a couple days ago my tutor brought up this game and FULL ON dissed it. Mang i was cut...but i loled cause its actually a pretty sad game.. but it was daym fun wen i played!
That sky is beautiful. Taken from the aeroplane trip on the way to Hong Kong last december (2008). I think the clouds sorta looks like ice. pic gives me the greatest sense of serenity <3

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