Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Way Past Due.

OOOOKAY...eh hem... wher to begin?
ima type lyk this for the blog, simply cause i ceebs with the formality that i frelt was necessary in my previous blogs... hmmm weird.

November last year looks lyk i blogged bout olympix and w/e since then nothing much has happend except for...FREAKING VCE! ...oh and some other stuff to ill write about aswell :)

OH! i went to HK last year in December. Dad's obsessed with the place, he loves it, can't get enough of it, can't get over it. It was fun...except i got bored after the first 3-4 days. The trip last for 12 days in total and i got bored a quater of the way thru. GG! Luckily Jong Ree lent me his ipod for the trip which was my salvationg. I copied my music on to it but i ended listing to all his Hillsong tracks. Dammit Jong ...that bastard sucked me in! Now im a regular listener to Hillsong songs, i find them somewhat comforting. i missed out on getting my accouting study score cause i was in damn HK on december 15th. yes i rember the date -.- the whole day i was just sighing and listing to hillsong... LOL. I applied to recieve the txt msg for my study score but since i was not in Aus and i didnt enable roaming on my fone it didnt recieve the txt. SO THE FREAKING VCAA SCAMMED ME OF $1.50 ...what cheap arses, inorder to rectify such a blunder i feel the only way for them to repent would be for them to gaurentee me a NOT 'below 30' enter score. anyways back to HK, i swam in the 'open water' for the first time whilst i was ther! In deep water bay. Ther was a shark net in place which meant that sharks are present... so i refused to swim..somehow my dad got me in the water(he love swimming so much so that i hate it <<<<3> 'not bad' > 'pretty good' I guess it got progressively better. leading upto the after party. it was cool to spend a night with friends outside of the house...thanks peeps :)

Mid year exams! Chem and Physics...i got f-ed in the a. ...struggle...

NOW holidays! :D yay! ive been in holiday mode since the end of the week of the midyr exams. Which consequently has left me with some catching up to do, meh! its holidays! My PED teacher said its well deserved and he was daym right! i wantd this hols to be good, but sofar it has had probs the gayest beginning. I mean i had 8 hrs of tutiong in the first 3 days -.- WTF! i missed out on transformers 2 with friends :( ...im cut, they ditched me! grrr! i still wanna watch! Movie night was pretty fun at justings. Altho we only watched one movie. We started watching some 'comdey' film called Lower Learning.... no comment. Mirrors on the other hand was fun!i ejoyed it. i wouldnt have watched it on my own, btw Adhi...ur weak! as Winnie said 'grow some balls mate!' I didnt find it totally scarry. At the end wen u actually see the antagonist, i thought that bit was freaky... but for most of the film wen the mirrors wer 'bad' it was not too scarry. IM FREAKING COLD AND ITS 4.46 AM! ...anyways...i want movie night again..with more horror film xD i think im more freaked out by monsters and devils that by gore...too much video games.

Ok ima sign off here and go to sleep....this blog is extremely dry...ill do more later this hols and include pictures for pure viewing pleasure ;D yum.....blah blah! its cold...ima not tired but i need to go sleep....and mum mite wake up soon :C ...LOL 'Edi-out!'

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