Thursday, November 13, 2008

ima b bwoggin'

Hi peeps!
Just chillin' toally in a mega CBF mood atm. Now that 3/4s have finished its LIKE end of school, excepts its not! 1/2 exams dawning real quick. Since the last blog nothing much has happened, just a couple of minor events:
Awesome Chinese Olympics, well the first hour or so was awsome...the enirety of the cermoney i thought was actually a bit over whelming. It went for too long. Modern "hip" society thrives on hype and up-beat elemtens and the Chinese did not fail to deliver, the drums were epic. However, how damn long can people put up with flashy lights. i really feel for the people who forked-out hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to buy tickets, although prior to the actual night i would have like to get my hands on some. I also believe that the competition was rigged, or the chinese athletes were talking super-top-secret mega performance enhancing ginseng, as the medal tally was absolutely ridiculous! Especially that gymnastics team. When the coach was being questions about the ages of the gymnasts his reply was something along the lines of: "Yesh, yesh they got o'd enough! nes qweshon!"...hmmm, dismissive. Mes Ami! I present....
-Les Enfants! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Next topic to rant(discuss) about in this long-time coming? blog would be basketball(club) i guess. I decided to cease shootin' hoops at the start of the year as i thought i could get a job, but nup! Job hunting is the worest possible quest one can embark on as not only is it energy draning, it is demoralising when failiure becomes apparent! Anyways back to bball. During the 1st or 2nd game back, some shit-face decided to molest my pinky with his foot so its currently dislocated. Need to get it treated but....CBF, if its not painful i dont worry. My new team consists of 7 players: ME, 3other fobbies who are decent, a ...guy (doesn't have an approachable personality, went to talk to him once...FREAKING DRY-ICE COLD SHOULDERED ME!) and 2 tards who serverely lack communication skills and co-ordination (one of then always looks at me down the bridge of his nose...and cannot bounce a ball to save his life.) Anyways the team is top-notch yeah! we havent won a game(5) yet, came close ONCE but...DENIED!
THAS ME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Last but not least, school and holidays! YAY! nothing really to talk about here....OH! today in 1st period we had a sub, who happened to be the careers councilor. She talked about life beyond VCE and gave us a survey...more like a profiling sheet for us to fill out. The last section consisted of a range of field of study in University and professions, and we had to number any four (1-4). It made me realise that i havent actually thought about it very much. I pretty much had my mind set on becoming an engineer since grade 4 or 5. But work expirence at the end of last year made me realise how civil enigeering is so dull and bleak...just sit in an office cubicle and calculate to forces acting upon a how riveting(sarcasm*)! Life was so simple in primary school, the simplicity of stuff in general was so easy and fun! engineering was...engingeering, just knowing how thing engineering has branches?!?! who would have thought!

Whenever i right a blog i refect or reminisce on what was and could have been. Maybe thats just me but it i realise all the time i have wasted, how motivation plays such a major role in defining people as human beings...hmmm deep. Anyways!..."in other news" dad got an Asus Eee PC. Keys are miniscule, a stylus is requires to press them, ifeel like homer when he grows fat and is forced to work from home, and when theres and emergency, he dials some numbers on the phone and the reciever says..."The finger you have used to press the key are too fat!"....thats me!!

Omg! the Cbox was uber hard to noob, spent like...40mins or so trying to input the script!...
Last line, ill leave you with this: When we people say we are here for a purpose does it mean, we all serve one purpose or we each have a purpose?...hmmm...something for the diseased contemplation garden in cgs =P....actually idont care!
-Edi out

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