Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"nothing to write" - anonymous

Hi people!
It's me again, was prompted to write this blog after i was told that my blog is dead. it was in fact just neglected. so here i go, spontaneously writing about recent events....or not.

Fun fact: its impossible to fold an A4 piece of paper more than 7 times.

I recently went to Borders book store and there was this book that caught my fancy. Titled "Greatest mistakes that changed the world - and the people who made them" (something along the lines of that). I was reading it asian style back to front so i missed the contents page, and as i was reading the contents i saw something about Jim Jones, a rapper who "rapped" the song Ballin'.
Ballin' was Chad Wardenn (some guy who likes PS3) unofficial theme song in all his youtube vids.
Anyways back to Jim Jones...HE LEAD A MASS SUICIDE!!!!! uh... It included drinking Cool Aid which contained cyanide. hmm...leathal.

Next up to talk 'bout would be Batman - The Dark Knight. I have yet to see and really wanna see, Heath Ledger for every prestigeuos Acting award out there !!! from the trailers it look l33t.
Transformers 2 coming out next year. Bleach anime is tedious to watch. I want to eat dark matter...mmmmmmm! yum!

Well..that's it for today i think. might post again in another century.
Edi out!

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