Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my v.first blog... w00t! - keeping up with times.

Hi everybody,
I have come to realise that conforming to the not so recent trends of publishing online blogs is actually a very creative way to escape the repetitious, unproductive daily activities of life (mine in particular). So after much deliberation (in my head) i have decided to be an online blogger. I have previously created a MySpace account which failed miserably mainly due to my lack of commitment, i just could not seem to be bothered to devote seconds of my life to blog there. As time goes on my memories start to fade as old as i am and i seem to have forgotten the magic type in which to access my account... also i had no friends. hehe.
SO this is my first attempt to serve up a nice big platter of ~Edi 's life to you.

As holidays come to a conclusion i feel that the past week and a 1/2 have been extremely unproductive, as most past holidays have been. Anyways current progress report so far these holidays are (im gonna be Asian-nerd and and apply figures to 'stuff ' ):

Homework: 50%
Fitness level: -25%
Computer usage (out of time conscious and unconscious): approx. 80%
Laptop (the current state at which my laptop is as opposed to when i got it new): 2%
L's test: 94% <<<>8 yrs (im 16 and 2 and a bit months so i do not fit the profile of a paedophile) this game had taken over my life for about two years WAY back in grade 8 to the beginning of yr 10. i quit because i got hacked. But as i played at the start of the holidays due to reasons unknown it was a very long enjoyable trip down memory lane. ANYWAYS enough of that, i make a promise to you the reader and anybody that cares that i will not play ever again with the exception of once or twice...ive been banned btw for using a '3rd party program' xD if i break this promise i will...hmm...cry?.....ALOT!

Laptop...equals the worst piece of technology if it can be called that ever made. ACER has broken my heart as well as my parents pocket which is currently under repairs. Speakers broke last year and keyboard has just decided cease working...I'm pushing for a new electronic companion when i successfully enetr uni.

L's test is very good... I was very actually extremely nervous, my hands where shaking when i was doing the test and i really do not know why. But in the end i passed and now is very happy that i have an actual legit ID. ...did not read the book (most ppl don't...i don't think).

I have never actually though of myself as being emo at all, but as i write this blog the level at which i feel miserable has just escalated through the roof. Reasons (emo thought provoking in my opinion):
I realise as i reflect on my life how little and insignificant each one of us are. We are so small compared to the grand scale of the universe and what is out purpose. We live then we die... with happiness and pain along the way, but what was the point of this troublesome journey? if you have answers please post a reply...please no religious advice. i am strictly atheist...leaning toward Christianity but too unsure to make a decision.

Well! that concluded my first blog on the world-wide-web, it certainly was a memorable experience some what and i will definitely make conscious effort to keep my blog spot updated.
-Edi out!

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