Sunday, October 10, 2010

Testing testing 1 2 3

Hi... hi? ...hello? is this human on?

On the rare occasion that i publish a blog entry it’s usually due to a combinationg of depressing factors such as gloomy weather in addition to an ass whooping from parents, however today as i write i go against this norm.

Melbourne’s forecast for Sunday the 10th of September 2010 was one to look forward to and surprisingly she delivered. The weather was blissful, 25 degrees with the occasional silver cloud that looked like a giant puffy marshmallow placed against the eternity of serene blue. These clouds served as aesthetically pleasing ornaments decorating the home of angels and the gods. If you were fortunate to experience today and not witness it from behind a sheet of melted sand you would’ve felt the relaxing light sun rays kiss your skin inducing the priceless sense of calm and Zen. Blessed with such weather you’d assume that anyone in their right mind would take full advantage of this golden opportunity to undergo summery activities that Victorians have been rendered incapable of doing for a solid 6 months... i am not in my right mind.

Today i split my time between studying and getting annoyed at myself for not enjoying the company of the outdoors. Being annoyed and distracted for a majority of the day is actually quite physically tiring, i was ready to get some shut-eye at least 2 hours ago. Why is it so hard to be content with what we have? Why do i find it difficult to support my decisiongs and bear the consequences knowing that they’re justified? I had a better than average Saturday and agreed to spend my Sunday studying with the knowledge that Sunday’s weather was going to be as good as it was. But coming the crunch time i could not suppress the feeling of regret. Most powerful would be the one who could clearly experience the future...oh how i’d love that to be me!

It is the bad experiences that are needed in order for good to come. They’re comparable references, but the complicated nature of emotions and brain function does not seemed balanced. It always feels like the bad times are prolonged whilst the good times are heaps short lived hence an imbalance between the 2 opposites. Could a possible remedy for this be open mindedness and tolerance? Understand that everyone goes through tough times and that it’s one of those necessities in life that defines us. Additionally i also contemplate how such extremities of each exist, id est it’s amazing how at one point in time you’ll be having the absolute worst time being almost ready to end it right there and then but the world gets flipped and all that was bad is delightful and pleasing. Feeling motivated and inspirited time accelerates and is as graspable as beach sand. In essence it’s not persistence that’ll help tank it but being bubbleh. Being able to laugh at oneself. Being a CHILLA.

Pro tip: relax mang, jus chill.

Rewards do not exist but rather just natures attempt to rebound from the lows. Delayed gratification = win.

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