Friday, June 18, 2010

Fuelled by uncertainty

- Uncertainty’ one of life’s corner stones.

I think it is justified to speculate that humanity thrives on uncertainty and the unknown. The cliché ‘curiosity killed the cat’ might actually be sending a slightly flawed message. It’s possible that it was the curiosity of the cat that urged it to keep on living till its last moments when a freak occurrence got the better of it. To know what tomorrow brings is a goal that can urge our will to live, what I’m trying to say is life is based on possibility, nothing is definite, yes and no are overstatements as nothing is guaranteed. No one wants to ‘go’ with ‘what ifs’ on their conscience, truth (a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like. – only adheres to the definition once the event has happened. My view of reality is that there is a single, linear timeline along which the truth occurs beginning at present entailed by the past, spawning from this single timeline are alternate realities generated by individuals and what they believe to be fact. Actions are like bricks that are added on to the linear timeline that push previous actions into the past. The future that is yet to occur is not set and anything can happen which is very misleading. Sometimes people’s alternate realities can creep ahead of the truth, which may cause much anguish as the two may not be in agreement when the truth catches up, this dispute can be painful or enlightening [honestly i prefer the latter :D].

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In hindsight things usually look easier purely because of the knowledge and experience of knowing what or how it was done. Adversely life is not so easy, we’re forced to live for tomorrow to uncover the mystery of today. Hindsight provides certainty, a bit like the truth, and allows for an honest, biased evaluation of events. Such actions are inevitable, it is impossible to forget the past, dwelling may not be productive but those who refuse to look back or spare a second thought are either naive or cowards. Reflecting on the past is what makes, breaks and changes us. It aids the moulding of our individual personalities. This train of thought leads me to consider actions, reactions and consequences. Consequences [hmm what has the word done wrong to deserve negative connnotationgs?] are definitely classified as unknown, but yet predictable.

A thirst for knowledge and ‘self-discovery’ journeys are embarked on for enlightenment, people hope that they’ll have an epiphany or a less sever realisation of some personal traits. Once again uncertainty or the unknown seems to be the key motive for such actions. Additionally a sense of security can be based on the knowledge of ‘knowing’ and anticipating events that are near certain. So putting two and two together, some people feel threatened by not knowing what is to become of a situation and attempt to conquer it, other thrill seekers enjoying the suspense; either way uncertainty is the initial element that provokes a reaction, whether it be out of fear or curiosity is irrelevant [am i freaking reiterating myself?! :S]

Knowledge is power whilst ignorance is bliss. Once again a fork in the road presents itself, but who’s to say that we can’t climb into a tank and ride over the middle. Like any other dreamy utopian I wish for the best of both worlds, to be knowledgeable with power but yet obtain a blissful state of mind [NOT zen, just blissful]. Ignorance doesn’t really appeal to me as it can be easily be mistaken as some sort of unfortunate condition [tehe hurr derp :P jokes... yeah nah...yeah?]. To be ignorant is to be uninformed about various aspects of one’s own life, this lack of awareness makes people vulnerable and susceptible to be taken advantage of. In order to prevent this we educate, learn, gain knowledge which inadvertently leads to power. However power doesn’t really full appeal to me either, I mean I loathe the idea of being a dictator [HA Ha ha! ... -.-], but I’d like a certain amount of control over particular elements of my life. There are many examples in history of how power changes people for the worst; to pessimistically put it power is a cesspool for all of things that rot away the world. [-sigh- wanna slit wrists yet? xD] Such negatives examples completely negate the positive impact the few good ones have... this is mildly depressing so i shall finish up here.

In conclusion life is a journey that we cannot merely be passengers, it requires involvement and commitment to realise potential and opportunities both of which remain uncertain until they expire. I wish I could just ride life like a massive wave and wait to arrive at the beach but would that inadvertently leech all the fun?

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Spent a fair bit of time writing this post, like 9 months, and it’s pree much my first non-emo post in a while. It was definitely fun but very tedious. Over the end of semester break i hope to publish more posts of this concept in this format.

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