Sunday, September 20, 2009

paying my orange dues?

i'm not religious, i've never said grace (apart camp :P) but everyday i eat at least one orange and a few months ago i started thinking about the life of an orange and i've become thankful for food i consume. i acknowledge the production process as i eat and think about the copious time and energy put into bringing the food to the state that it is on my plate. for the purpose of this post i'm going to use an orange as the subject:

i give thought to
the seed, the tree, the nurturing of the tree and all the seasons that the farmer loves the tree for. the initial formation of a baby green orange on the tree, and the delight it brings the farmer for he knows he'll have a 'fruitful' harvest. then the weeks it takes for an orange to ripen on the tree and eventually drop, or be picked by a person who's soul purpose in life is to pluck oranges off trees. it then is carried to a cold, lifeless warehouse or packing facility where it's labeled ans deported to a retailer or a point of sales. mum then goes on her weekly food gathering endeavor and trades hard earned coins and noted representing wealth for numerous orangeS, which are then brought home to where they'll meet their maker, moi. ORANGE GUILLOTINE! the days, weeks, months put into preping the orange for my consumption precess which only lasts...1-2 minutes tops seems imbalanced, such is the world. which leads me to consider the destructive nature of humans, buttttt i'll save that for another post (maybe).

i appreciate the taste of oranges greater than before :) ... it's sort of blissful.

when i see natural disasters on the news wiping out towns and villages, as well as grieving for the people i also think about their belongings and the food in their homes that's being lost, i once again think about the produces and the value of the food.
when a farmer see a civilian devour an orange do they feel a sense of accomplishment? achievement? or resentment for the person?

i thought about writing a creative narrative about the journey of an orange, but... iono?... CEEEEEEEBS :)'s number 457684534168351464868 on my list of things to do after year 12.

i find it funny how the a specific duration of time c
an be experienced differently. when people have fun they say time flies, when the experience during the time is not so desirable it's a DRAINERRRR. i wonder if a mathematical conversion can be formulated... for example say a person is given 5 minutes: if it's enjoyable it'll feel like hmm...say 1 minute, if it's hell it'll seem like maybe 10 minutes (wow this person's perception of time fails :P) therefore a ratio can be concluded 1 minute of fun to every 10 mintutes of crap. my random figures aside, is it true that the lows of life heavily outweigh the highs? or are they equal? is it better to live a stable life or one with crazy emotions full of both turmoil and serentity.

song on repeat: DBSK - Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou (why did i fall in love with you)

~~~ this post has taken me the most time to write out of all my few blog posts, i dunno what happend..words didn't flow, it feels forced and awkward. my english is =\ ...i listend to the song 8 times whilst typing this up...
p.s adults are hypocrites :) they tell us not to play with out food when the fact is that somebody, i dunno who got paid to make that! -.- WHAT IS THIS?!

- e d i

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Anonymous said...

as if you eat an orange a day
how do you eat it when its not orange session

...i got you hooked on that song..didnt i?