Thursday, February 16, 2012

We’re not who we think we are...

This isn’t going to be a post about conspiracy theories although they are also pree interesting, i am going to address an issue that directly affects most if not everyone. Whilst attempting to write this ive realised that iterating my thoughts for the purpose of this blog im required to refine what are otherwise just rudimentary ideas in a filthy swamp of consciousness.

Who are you really? Do you know what you are? These misleading questions should be avoided as they lure people into a false sense of security that they have absolute power to define themselves. From talking to friends and analysing my perception of them i now think that everybody is how their words are spoken and their actions are perceived. Humbly put - i have no doubt that every acquaintance i have ever had the pleasure of meeting has shallowly formed an ‘educated’ impression of me that doesn’t get a second thought. They’ve probably analysed me on their terms with their criteria obviously not to the extent to which ive thought about it for the sake of this post but in one way or another they’ve passed judgement. I do not think that a single non-judgemental person exists, upon first meeting or even just first sight people perform an elementary psych evaluation in just a split second. For example you see someone walking on the street with heavy, dark eye shadow and long spiky hair dressed in black garments detailed with silver chains; in today’s society it’d be safe to assume that the person seeks pleasure from pain and is depressing to talk to however underneath the facade they may just be confused about the current fashion trends or on their way to an event that required such a commitment. I digress, i am confused about the current fashion trends and do not feel that i have ‘a look’ that i’d label myself with. Anyway the tendency to be judgemental alone has the potential to affect one’s relationship with another which is why i believe it goes hand-in-hand with being understanding. As much as people try to conduct themselves in a certain way in order to portray a certain image their ability to influence the public eye is limited, limited by a time-frame and also the lack of opportunity to justify themselves. Although, the need to constantly justify actions/decisions does come across as obnoxious and a hindrance to conversation however being understanding can rectify strong negative emotions, the person might be insecure about the topic or unsure about what they’re doing.

We all act in a way that we feel suits our character, in a way that is strictly in line with our values and in a way that does right by ourselves and i’d like to think those around you too. Usually with the intent of convincing people about who you are and what youre about, even if you refuse to acknowledge it try and appreciate my message. I feel people are given little choice over how they want to be, the control lying with the unforgiving masses of society, those around us ie. Our parents, relatives and friends analyse us through a microscope fashioned out of all the previous experiences and major influences on their lives. To provide some sort of empty closure on this topic, what i am trying to say is that on a grand scale... im talking whole world sorta thing: we are what we are to other people, and not what we are to ourselves.

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