Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1

i'm not gonna lie, i thought you were a bitch when i met you... actually no i take that back, the things people had to say about you made me expect you to have a terrible personality. You proved them all wrong but so many people saying such bad things about you i was hoping you'd prove them right so that i could agree with them and see it too. terrible of me to do but i even set a double standard, i reduced my tolerance for you and was prepared to jump on any opening you provided for me to dislike you but you maintained and was always the better person. as it continued i was expecting the 'facade' to end and for you to snap, show your 'true colours' but even now you are still so much better than the rumors. did you change before i got to know you or did you know what people had said, what i expected of you and are so determined to prove us wrong. occasionally now in a testing situation i kinda expect to see some of the person ive been told about but time and time again ive been so pleasantly surprised by your fun, cheerful reaction.
ive discarded all those misconceptions and i take you for how you are to me. you are a better person than me and i feel bad and am truly sorry for it all. i wish all the haters from back then saw what i see now.

One of the more significant thoughts i had today was about society's reception to different types of humor. there in lies 2 categories in particular that i find is separated by a very fine line: wit and lame. when i crack a joke in the spur of the moment my peers either find it witty-funny or lame-funny. lately ive been getting more of the latter beginning with the blank stare or a cringe then followed by laughter. despite resulting in the desired effect, a lot of the time i disagree with the reaction. Of course it's all in good fun and no one means any offence sometimes when im so convinced that the gag was witty but doesn't receive a reception i get confused because i dont see how it wasent. maybe ya'll just sayin' lame coz thats the cool thing, mainstream hatin'. lol

bratty little kids should not be excused from being treated like another person just coz they're young. i believe in positive reinforcement but sometimes it just doesnt work which calls upon other profound discipline methods. i hate work. the grass is always greener, when you've got a job you dont want to work but when you don't have a job and need the cash ...yeah

captn' awesome - for somereasong it makes me think of 'fish-fingers', you need to resolve your phone dilemma asap. ive been where you are if you guys weren't there i wouldve doubt. need a new iphone just spend a couple hundred on it then get the backup all will be well.

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adhi said...

day 1 and you're done lol