Sunday, March 21, 2010

To give, give, give and... give.

why is it that people do things at the expense of their own happiness for others to benefit? is it that we care so much about what other people think about us that we act in a profoundly generous way as to seem more likable, or is it for the self satisfactiong of doing something 'good' by helping others. what if the decisions that we make to allow others to be happy go unnoticed whilst denying us so much as a peek at contentment. does the reason even matter why people make sacrifices for others? ...hmm sacrifice, such a heavy word.

lately i've found a lot of situations very testing, i've made many decisions costing me my happiness which is of high value in my life. i like to please everyone... anyone whether they be distant or close, and i try really damn hard, well... i have been. i thought that i'd be content with satisfying others, i thought that the happiness of others would reflect in me...but why?! why is this not the case? i'm puzzled, i thought i was somewhat better than this... am i just a selfish person who priorities are influenced by my desire for first hand experiences of happiness, i definitely know that i can better. firmly believe that seeing delight in others should be heaps sufficient for me to be happy.

...phase? but a serious dilemma, ceebs contemplating yet such a persistent thought... please just go away.

Dan Wilson/Bic Runga - Good Morning Baby

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